JiaJia Jiang has been getting standing ovations lately and for good reason. He’s teaching all of us how to overcome a fear of rejection. Struggling with a fear of rejection himself, Jia engaged in something called Rejection Therapy, a process through which he decided to get rejected 100 days in a row to prove to himself rejection couldn’t hurt him. Jia asked a police officer if he could drive his car, a pilot if he could fly his plane and he even asked his next-door neighbor if he could play soccer, by himself, in the guy’s backyard. The results? To Jia’s surprise, they all said yes! Jia drove the car, flew the plane and played soccer in his neighbor’s back yard. As Jia tells these and even more incredible stories to audiences, they feel themselves dreaming again, being inspired to try, and overcoming the incredibly limiting fear of rejection. He’s perfected the art of inspiration not by talking about it, but by living a fearless and fun story.

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