LauraLaura and her husband Rob are the Senior Pastors of Shoreline Church in Austin, Texas. For 25 years they have encouraged and raised up the next generation of leaders, and have created a life giving church that is making a significant impact locally and globally.

Laura is a leading voice for this generation, as well as an accomplished doctor and author. Her life mission is to inspire women all over the world to approach life in a posture of surrender, and to give their lives away. Laura is an authentic, engaging, and dynamic communicator.

Her dedication to destroy injustice has helped rescue countless lives and has brought hope to many. She will inspire you to receive the beautiful wonderful love and grace of God that will equip you with a passion to share it. This is the blueprint that marks Laura’s life and has started a love revolution in the hearts of girls around the globe.

Twitter: @Laurakoke
Facebook: Laurakoke

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