Bobby Bryant

Bobby Bryant

Bobby Bryant’s BIO
Originally for Mobile, Alabama Bobby Bryant has lived in Houston since 2001. He has two(2) Masters Degrees in Education and taught in the public school systems of both Alabama and Texas as a Vocational Coordinator for kids with special needs.
Mr. Bryant was a Mortgage Banker/Broker of his own Mortgage Company and was a Mortgage Branch Manager for Countrywide and Bank of America. He also owned a Texas Proprietary Real Estate School, Spencer School of Real Estate, that licensed both Loan Officers and Realtors in Texas.
He Co-Authored an Amazon Best Seller with Brian Tracey called “The Ultimate Success Guide” and received a prestigious Best-Sellers Quill Award from the National Academy of Best Selling Authors. In addition, Mr. Bryant currently has two more books actively on Amazon that are real estate specific for buyers and sellers.
Out of 1.2 million Realtors in the country, Mr. Bryant was 1 of 70 Who’s Who Real Estate Experts personally interviewed and noted in the 1st ever D.A.N.G.E.R. REPORT that was commissioned by the National Association of Realtors(NAR) in 2015.
Currently, Bobby Bryant is the CEO/Founder of a real estate technology company called DOSS. An intelligent personal assistant for real estate, DOSS is an artificial intelligence marketplace that empowers users to ask any question about any property in the country with their natural language and voice to get accurate, easy, and instant answers without fail. As an IBM Watson Ecosystem Partner, Mr. Bryant’s objective is to evolve the way the world searches for a place to live.

Course Title: How VALUABLE is your Value?
Provider Number: 0564
Course Number: 33440
Credit Hours: 1

This course will help you answer the age-old question “Why should I use you and what makes you different? It will also show you how to evolve your VALUE in the eye of the consumer and how to evolve your value as technology evolves. Lastly, it answers the question how to become a local Celebrity!


Bobby Bryant – “How VALUABLE is your Value?”

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