Missy Johnson

Missy Johnson

Dr. Missy Johnson looked the part of the ultra-educated, successful, professional business woman that the world said she should be. Yet, she was still unhappy and unfulfilled. After feeling as if she needed yet another degree to validate her existence, one day she stopped and just asked herself, “Why? Why do I feel I need more education to validate my worth?”

Her quick rise in corporate and financial achievements could not suppress this feeling of void that was deep within until she started her path to self-development.

Once you have all the academic achievements, the cars, the houses, the jewelry, money and everything else that “successful people” have, you are supposed to obviously be happy right?

It took Dr. Missy facing a near death experience to “wake up” and begin to actually live – and live ALL OUT! She had finally been able to break free! What she discovered is the path to fearless living; the secret to every woman’s true happiness.

Dr. Missy’s simple, yet impactful coaching is geared to over-achieving women just like herself who actually are tired of living behind the mask.



January 11, 2019


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