Terry Watson

Terry Watson

Nobody speaks to more REALTORS and the real estate industry every year than Terry Watson. Nobody.

For the past ten years, Terry has been the most requested and the most booked Real Estate Keynote speaker on the planet. After substitute teaching, the student response was so overwhelmingly positive the Dean of Chicago’s Northwestern University School of Continuing Studies personally invited Terry to join their faculty. Terry was later asked to Chair the School of Real Estate Studies and rewrite their courses.  When the National Association of REALTORS wanted to train staff on what it is like to be a REALTOR, they called upon Terry Watson. He created the Getting to Know NARS Member course that received rave reviews.

Terry’s strategies and processes are so effective they have been made policy by many of the top real estate companies in the world. Terry Watson recently was the featured speaker for a simulcast to an audience as large as 75000+ of the top producing agents worldwide. Terry’s message is about health, efficiency, unparalleled customer experience, avoiding self-sabotage and actually enjoying what you do.

Course Title: I GOT THIS!
Provider Number: 0564
Course Number: 33438
Credit Hours: 3
Across the country inventory is scarce and this is becoming the Mother of All Sellers Markets, listing presentations are turning into FBI background checks and unaccepted offers are becoming the norm. This can be soul crushing for your buyers and emotionally exhausting for you. The end result is you have to sell the same buyer multiple homes, while only getting paid for one.

On top of this, Millennials and Gen X’ers demand a great real estate experience. Good service doesn’t cut it anymore. If they are unhappy with the experience, it will become part of your permanent record – on Yelp, You Tube or Zillow. Selling real estate has morphed into American Idol or Dancing With the Stars.
Finally, a laugh out loud session that actually gives you the tools to walk into any real estate situation, and say… I Got This!!!


Terry Watson – “I Got This!”

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