Abhi Golhar

Abhi Golhar

International Finance & Investment Expert, Syndicated Radio Host, & Author
 Abhi has been investing in real estate since 2002, and is the Chief Investment Officer of Summit & Crowne, an Atlanta real estate investment firm. He has grown 4 startups with the most recent being NPHub–now projecting revenue growth of $1M+ within 18 months of its launch. His business radio show, The AbhiGolhar Show, is LIVE daily on 1190 WAFS in Atlanta. His nationally-syndicated real estate investing show, Think Realty Radio, broadcasts to 42 cities with a reach of 600,000+ listeners daily.

Excerpted by CNBC, TheStreet, BankRate, and published in Forbes, Inc., The Huffington Post, and Inman, industry magazines such as Think Realty and Private Lender often cover Abhi and his insights into the real estate industry and its happenings. Abhi speaks regularly at conferences nationwide and internationally (most notably in Shanghai) about business, entrepreneurship, and investing.

Abhi Golhar

January 9th – ABHI GOLHAR – “MAKE IT RAIN”
– Provider # 564 Course # 37856 CE 1

Are you working harder for fewer commissions, or being asked to cut commissions in order to get clients? Do you find it impossible to set aside enough money to pay taxes, fees, and other expenses in your real estate business–never mind saving for retirement?

Are you beginning to think that you’ll never be able to build the kind of wealth that drew you to real estate in the first place?

Make It Rain is AbhiGolhar’s how-to launch manual for your real estate investment business. Use the skills you’ve developed as a real estate agent to move into investment models that help you build short-term cash flow and long-term wealth.

If you’re just starting out in real estate, Make It Rain will help you create a stronger business model from the start. If you’ve been in real estate for decades, it will help you take advantage of your experience and your professional network to secure your financial future.

With practical, actionable advice on everything from finance to marketing and interviews with world-class experts in real estate investment, you’ll find the models you need to create the results you desire. Begin taking the steps to build a business you’ll love–one that will secure your financial future.

You know Abhi from his nationally syndicated radio show on the Wall Street Business Network and from his writing for Forbes, Inman, and HuffPo. Now get all of his best insights tailored to the real estate agent who is looking for more–more opportunity, more financial stability, and the security of a long-term wealth-building plan.

What are you waiting for? Today is the day to get started. It’s time to Make It Rain

January 10th-

Cold Calling. Door Knocking. Endless (and expensive) mailing lists. Lead gen that doesn’t generate real leads. There is a better way! A real, robust content marketing plan can help you create a real estate business that is constantly bringing you new leads and new clients. Clients who come to you ready to work with you, because you have already proven your expertise.

Internationally renowned author, speaker, and nationally syndicated radio host AbhiGolhar is a world-class expert in creating and promoting content for real estate investors and affiliated professionals. He’s here to help you create a plan that’s multi-faceted, effective, and sustainable.

Whether you love to write and design or have no idea where to start, you’ll find the insight and help you need to create a content marketing plan that works for you, your schedule, your budget, and your communication style.

Want to create even more leverage? Discover how to connect with media outlets to bring your expertise to an even wider audience. Learn to market yourself to journalists and reach out to them directly in order to be featured in local, regional, and even national publications.

No time to do it all yourself?Abhi has the solution for you, with advice on outsourcing and content management that lets you create and re-purpose content without missing a beat in running your business. Stop chasing cold leads and selling yourself. Create a multi-platform approach that draws warm leads to you and gets them excited to meet you before that first appointment. Discover what a difference you can make in generating business and raising your profile!



January 10, 2020

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January 9, 2020

Abhi Golhar – “MAKE IT RAIN”

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