Paul Campanaro

Paul Campanaro

Paul Campanaro‘The Perseverance Factor’ how to not just survive…but thrive in any economy. CE#


Originally from Rochester NY, Paul Campanaro has been married since 2000 to his beautiful wife Susan and has 2 amazing children, Dominic and Leiana, who are the center of his Big Why. Paul launched the first full time year in real estate January 2008. While the Las Vegas market was experiencing a housing crisis, Paul was able to sell 102 homes his first three years in the business. The following year he took 169 listings in just 9 months. That dramatic increase in business led to discovering his passion to lead and coach people to not just survive…but thrive in the industry. Paul has coached hundreds of agents to success and believes that the quality of life is in direct relation to the quality of your communication, first with yourself and ultimately with others. As a coach, trainer and leader Paul is passionate about inspiring and empowering people to business’ worth owning and lives worth living.


Persevere, be adaptable, and keep learning. There are a lot of reasons why you might fail in real estate. One of them is that you don’t persevere through the difficulties it brings. Not to be confused with pushiness, perseverance is about follow-up and bringing something new to clients. Paul’s session will cover the mind set and the skills needed to Preserver through objections, though times and other real estate challenges.

Paul shares that your business will grow to the extent you do…not just logically and strategically but emotionally and relationally.  When you put people first.  When it’s all about coming from contribution.  When you are YOUR authentic self to help people get what they want…you’ll have everything in life you want.

PAUL CAMPANARO – “THE PERSEVERANCE FACTOR” – Provider # 564 Course # 37853 CE 1


January 9, 2020

Paul Campanaro – “The Perseverance Factor”

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